Audio Clips:

Here are some clips I’ve cobbled together of old recordings, impromptu sessions, home recordings, etc. To listen just click the link to open up a player in your browser.Thanks for listening.

Audio Clips:

Here are some clips of me playing. I’ve cobbled these together from sessions and home recordings. To listen just click the link to open up a player in your browser.

Wobler’s Waltz (Trumpet)

An original tune of mine! This is a short audio clip I made as a reference recording I made for a rehearsal.

 Black Orpheus (Flugelhorn)

Whenever I play a bossa nova, there is a good chance I am gonna reach for my trusty Yamaha 731 flugelhorn… smokey, pillowy, dark, and fluffy flugel goodness!

Moon Alley (Flugelhorn)

My Take on a great Tom Harrell composition.

I Cover The Waterfront (Trumpet)

With rhythm section and STRINGS! Oooooh…  so-o-o lush! A beautiful melody played in a way that is made for trumpet and the way I love to play best; simply and lyrically!

 You Got To My Head (Trumpet)

Another clip with trumpet, rhythm, & strings.

Boplicity (Flugelhorn):

A project with my friend Graham Howell (aka “Suavee” ha-ha!). The idea was to recreate the cool west coast jazz sounds from the 50’s.

I Fall In Love Too Easily (Trumpet):

I Fall In Love Too Easily (Flugelhorn):

For my students who ask “what is the difference between trumpet & flugelhorn?” Here is an audio answer. This song is one of my favourite ballads and I really should finish recording the whole song. Trumpet or flugel? Hmmm …

Ceora (Trumpet):

A beautiful melody by the great Lee Morgan. Here’s my humble offering!

Bye Bye Black Bird (Flugelhorn):

A home recording I did one afternoon. Done with Band In A Box and recorded in Cubase.

Telemann - Concert For Trumpet & Orchestra in D Major, Mvmt III: Allegro (Piccolo Trumpet):

Part 1:           Part 2:

Piccolo trumpet is a tremendous challenge for me and great fun, but requires a totally different mindset. Compared to the regular Bb trumpet, tuning on a picc is a nightmare and you must be relaxed! Here’s my attempt at “legit” playing (Ha-ha!)

Angel Eyes (Trumpet):

An old session with the Top City Quartet. Jim Kempton Drums, Joe Worst Bass, Chris Potter Piano, and myself.

Side Slip By Greg Blake (Flugelhorn):

A proof of concept project by my friend Greg Blake. Greg recorded and performed all the virtual instruments and then sent it to me to record a flugelhorn horn track

Butterfly (Flugelhorn):

This was an album done around 2008 for a group called Perfect Hour. They were wanting some trumpet fills throughout this song. I suggested Flugelhorn and that’s how we did it. Hear is a clip of the last half of the tune.

Green Dolphin Street (Trumpet):

One more track from the Top City Quartet sessions.

Thanks For Listening!

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