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Monette Custom Trumpets

In my opinion the finest trumpets on earth!

Harrelson Trumpets

A fantastic builder of custom trumpets. My Dad has a Summit One model an it is incredible!

Top City R&B

A Band I played in for 22 years. I still maintain the website for the band. They are still going strong and sounding good!

Tower of Power

Great soul funk band from Oakland. The lead singer, Ray Greene, is amazing. Ray and I played in band together for a few years during the 80’s when I was in Boston

Thompson Music

Dealer of used Monette trumpets and other cool things

Jeff Purtle

Professional trumpeter & teacher who studied for many years with the great Claude Gordon!

Claude Gordon

Renowned trumpeter & teacher. Here’s a great article that summarizes his teaching by one of his students

Paul Ayick’s Vintage Trumpets

Beautiful vintage trumpets & cornets with nice photos

Nick Decarlis’ Vintage Cornets

Very nice photos and info of vintage cornets… too cool!

Alan’s Trumpet World

Includes the Old’s Central Page

The Bach Loyalist

Tons of info on the history Bach trumpets & trombones

I.T.G. The International Trumpet’s Guild

Geek Trumpet Haven

The Conn Loyalist

Info, history on C.G.Conn Instruments from the golden era when Conn instruments were manufactured in Elkhart Indiana, U.S.A.

T.P.I.N. (Trumpet Players’ Int’l Network)

Excellent discussion group dedicated to trumpet. Some heavy players hang out here. Thoughtful discussion is the norm. I have lurked here for a years and have learned a lot

Oberloh Music

Really cool site about repair and restoration of brass instruments with lots of cool photos

PG Music

Makers of Band In A Box. Essential music accompaniment software!

Finale Music

Music Notation Software


Music Notation Software

Muse Score

FREE Music Notation Software!

Yamaha Canada Trumpets

Information on Yamaha Trumpets

Jazz Trumpet Solos

The name says it all. Cool site


Information on Getzen trumpets

Kanstul Musical Instruments

Information on Kanstul Trumpets and Brasswinds

Contempora Corner

A site that details the now defunct Reynolds line of brass instruments. Obviously a labour of love. Tons of info and photos.

Schilke Music Products

Information on Schilke trumpets and trombones