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… the trumpet is what I love to do! I teach trumpet lessons in beautiful White Rock, B.C., Canada, at Tapestry Music. I believe I can help you become a better trumpet player and I would love to work with you.




… to the site of trumpeter Terry Keller. This site was created primarily for my students, but anyone interested in the trumpet may find the site useful. My students can login here to access www.trumpetlessons.ca  


Hello Trumpet Students and Parents:

I hope all of you are safe and doing well during these Covid-19 times. As you all know, the Covid-19 procedures put an end to all in-person trumpet lessons for the time being. Many of you have continued working with me online using the Zoom platform. For my current students, this week (Monday June 23 to Friday June 26) is the last week for regularly scheduled lessons. 

Many of us have more free time in the summer. It is a great time to work on trumpet skills and be ready for school and community band programs that will, hopefully, resume this fall... I invite all of my current and former students to study trumpet online with me this summer! 

The summer schedule will commence on Tuesday July 7th. The previous spring schedule will be cleared, so if you wish to continue or begin online lessons in July and August, please call Jan at Tapestry music: (604)538-0906, or email: jan@tapestrymusic.com, to book your lessons. I look forward to seeing you online! Take care, and keep practicing that horn!

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