My Qualifications:

My Goal:

I want to be the best trumpet teacher I am capable of being. I try to achieve this by:

My Philosophy:

I believe a good trumpet sound and beautiful tone is the foundation of good trumpet playing. As part of developing your “concept of sound” it is crucial for you to listen, listen, & then listen some more!! All the good trumpet players I know are always listening and absorbing recordings and live performances by world class artists. They “feed their ears”, and so should you! Listening to great artists is a foundational activity that helps you develop a clear idea of what a beautiful trumpet sound is. Your sound is your musical voice! So keep practicing and keep listening!

My Questions For You:

Do you wonder what it takes to become a better trumpet player? Well, let me ask you; are you someone who:


... If you can answer yes, then you have the qualities to become a better trumpet player and I would love to help you on a part of that journey!

Where I Teach:

I work out of Tapestry Music in beautiful Whiterock, B.C., Canada. Ready to get started or need more info? Just call Tapesrty Music (604)-538-0906, and ask for Jan or Lauren, or if you prefer, you can email Jan and she will get back to you. Of course if you have questions for me you can reach me via the contact page. I look forward to helping you meet your trumpet playing goals!



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