My Qualifications:

My Goal:

I want to be the best trumpet teacher I am capable of being. I try to achieve this by:

My Philosophy:

I believe a good trumpet sound and beautiful tone is the foundation of good trumpet playing. As part of developing your “concept of sound” it is crucial for you to listen, listen, & then listen some more!! All the good trumpet players I know are always listening and absorbing recordings and live performances by world class artists. They “feed their ears”, and so should you! Listening to great artists is a foundational activity that helps you develop a clear idea of what a beautiful trumpet sound is. Your sound is your musical voice! So keep practicing and keep listening!

My Questions For You:

Do you wonder what it takes to become a better trumpet player? Well, let me ask you; are you someone who:


... If you can answer yes, then you have the qualities to become a better trumpet player and I would love to help you on a part of that journey!

Where I Teach:

I work out of Tapestry Music in beautiful Whiterock, B.C., Canada. If you are ready to get started call Tapestry Music @ (604)-538-0906 and book your lessons! Still kicking tires? Need a bit more info? Cool… check out Tapestry’s Lesson Info page. You can also contact me directly at my contact page. I look forward to helping you meet your trumpet playing goals!



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